Jio kbc 25 lakh lottery – Kaun Banega Crorepati 25 Lakh Lottery

The Jio Kbc 25 Lakh Lottery is to aid the underprivileged. In the current corona epidemic (Covid-19). Business-standard research claims that the COVID-19 epidemic and these lockdowns contributed to the poverty of 23 crore Indians. Considering these facts, the KBC acted and launched the 25 lakh lottery on the KBC website.

A fortunate draw uses 5 thousand SIM cards, and some of the selected numbers earn 25 lakh Indian rupees (INR). The KBC lottery’s current Jackpot is Rs. 25 lakh. Don’t hesitate to contact KBC personnel if you have any questions about how to check the KBC lottery.

The KBC lottery prize money is transferred immediately to their bank accounts. It would be great to seize this chance to accomplish your objectives. You can win a 2.5 million Jackpot with zero effort. Call the KBC customer service line at +19134400444 if you need to validate the lottery winner list.

KBC Lottery 2022

If you want to participate in the Jio Kbc 25 Lakh Lottery, you’re at the correct place. The KBC lottery website extends a warm welcome to the new year! Visit the official website or send a WhatsApp SMS to obtain the winning lottery numbers to participate. Then you may go through earlier games, sign up for the lottery, and start winning!

You can find the numbers for this lottery on the KBC lottery website because it is updated often. There, you can also see the most recent winners list. There is also a customer care service that may assist you in finding the winning numbers if you don’t know your number. The KBC team will provide a phone number to contact or to confirm your identity. If you are unsuccessful, contact KBC customer service for additional details.

How to Use the KBC Lottery Number Checker for the 2022 KBC Lottery Winner

Do you enjoy the KBC Lottery? Do you want to find out whether you won? Utilize the KBC tool to verify your lottery numbers! To find out if you’ve won, do this method, which is quick and easy. It’s also an excellent way to prevent lottery fraud. By using this tool, you may quickly confirm that your winning numbers match yours! However, how do you use it?

If you play the KBC lottery, you may check online to see if you’ve won the Jackpot. You may find out if you’ve won the lotto by following a few simple steps. To check, you need your KBC lottery number and contact information to collect your win. Either way, check your KBC lottery number through the official website or WhatsApp page.

Jio KBC 25 Lakh Lottery Frauds

It’s critical to adhere to the rules and avoid falling for con artists if you want to win the KBC lottery. Jio Kbc 25 Lakh Lottery frauds frequently come about due to dubious acts by dishonest persons. Many people have lost the hard-earned prize money they had worked hard to achieve. The con artists have contacted people using various techniques and obtained their information.

You may check your KBC lottery winner 2022 25 lakh list today JIO results after you know the winning numbers. You may use this list to confirm whether or not you won the lotto since it is official. Remember to call the KBC lottery helpdesk immediately to report any bogus lottery messages you may have ever received.

How to Enter the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2022? 

Do you want to win the KBC Lottery in 2022? Your next move should be to sign up for a spot in the 14th season of the KBC. The reality TV program is getting ready for another successful season, and just by participating, you may win hundreds or even millions!

You may participate in the KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022 in the following ways.

The KBC lottery’s lucky draw results from 2022 are available online for anyone who missed the broadcast. Check the authorized and legitimate Jio KBC 25 lakh lottery outcome channels. There are additional ways to find out if you are among the fortunate few who won significantly, like phoning the KBC headquarters or their WhatsApp line.

How to Check the KBC Lottery 2022 Online?

It appears that there is a problem with customers being able to check their 25 lakh KBC Lottery prize money. All cellular Sim Cards Lucky Draw will qualify for this event since the All India Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022 will have been completed. The great majority of individuals don’t know their lottery numbers. As a result, individuals cannot access the KBC official website 25 lakh lottery to verify the results of their KBC Lottery 2022 online. They must know the cell phone number they registered for the KBC Lottery Number 2022 fortunate draw game.

The SIM Cards Lucky Draw game aims to generate enough revenue to aid the general people. They choose a winner by following their phone numbers. They streamline the whole process on the computer to avoid any issues. Online KBC Lottery Number Check tools can examine and readily check outcomes.

KBC Lucky Draw 2022

Finally, the KBC representative contacts the lottery winners using their winning numbers. The KBC team informs them that they are KBC lottery winners 2022 and provides them with their winning numbers so they may check their lottery. You have to provide your name to check the KBC lottery number. The select winner through Kbc Official Website 25 Lakh Lottery. Request access to a reputable internet website.


You can receive four-digit lottery numbers for your flexible selection. So, if you win the lottery during the KBC live broadcast, get in touch when the KBC phone number rings to give you the prize. The KBC lottery winners list is updated as soon as a successful Draw is performed. Risk is presented to the underprivileged who engage and swap life! Upon receiving calls about KBC from unknown numbers.


Join the KBC Lucky Draw in 2022.

The KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati lottery registration process is straightforward. To increase your chances of winning, recharge your JIO sim card. By following this procedure, you are improving your chances of winning the KBC lottery in 2022. If you don’t win the Jackpot, don’t worry—you’ll always have another shot! Check your lottery code after registering, then keep trying! If you’re lucky, this month’s millionaire will be you.


You should frequently check the KBC lottery 2022 winner list. These results are updated each time a new lucky draw is made. Calling the KBC Helpline lines will also allow you to verify the findings on your computer or mobile device. If you’re the fortunate winner, you’ll find out immediately. Check the KBC lottery winners list the next time you see a KBC lottery Jio winner because it will update daily.


KBC Lucky Draw 2022 Requirements

Make sure you are qualified to participate before signing up for the 2022 Kaun Banega Crorepati competition. Anyone at least 18 years old and of Indian nationality is eligible, as are several additional documents, including a birth certificate and an Aadhar card.

To register, you’ll need a smartphone with an internet connection. You may enter KBC through the official website or SMS or sign into the SonyLiv app.


Process For All India KBC Sim Card Competition 2022

The TV program also runs a lottery with the same name in addition to the Kbc Winner 2022 raffle. This lottery will automatically include every SIM card subscriber. After that, particularly fortunate charms will have a chance to win the lottery. Winners of the KBC Lottery receive cash payouts totalling 25 lakhs. Lottery winners in KBC Customers can use their SIM cards to start the one-time transaction known as the KBC SIM card gift. The KBC management does not encourage customers to search for the KBC lottery number.


This giveaway is a self-registration that will take place automatically. When you wish to purchase a SIM card, they ask you to do this. KBC only has one Head Office WhatsApp Number, which is +19134400444. If you ever get any erroneous calls about the KBC Lottery Prize, kindly contact KBC Head Office at the number provided below.

KBC Lottery Number Check

By entering the KBC website, the official KBC winner list, or by using the confirmation number, you may find out if you’ve won a KBC lottery reward. You can get in touch with KBC Customer Support to claim your prize after you’ve discovered your winning lottery number.

You were checking your KBC lottery number before the actual draw is one of the easiest ways to determine whether you’ve won a reward. By login into your KBC bank accounts on the KBC website, you may also check your KBC lottery number at any time of the day. By doing so, you can ascertain your winning status before the actual drawing. The KBC lottery winner receives special consideration, including VIP treatment and acknowledgement at the KBC corporate offices.

KBC Lottery Fake WhatsApp Number

Additionally, you may check your lottery numbers on the official KBC website. On the final day of every month, KBC picks their lucky numbers. The first and second days of the following month mark the announcement of the winning list. Follow the instructions on the website and avoid the KBC lottery fake WhatsApp Number if you wish to participate. If you get one of these fake calls, report it immediately to KBC’s headquarters, and they will take whatever action is required to fix the problem.

WhatsApp Number KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List

Are you looking for information about the 2022 KBC Lottery Winner? If so, you’ve found the proper website. Here you will find the names and contact details of the most recent and present KBC winners. Your name appears here as well. You may get a detailed overview of the KBC Lottery Winner 2022 list here.

You can discover how to check your lottery results here quickly. Here you will find the names and contact details of the most recent and present KBC winners. Your name appears here as well. Amitabh Bachchan’s official blog is located here.

Dear Kaun Banega Crorepati fans, We proudly announce the KBC Lottery Winner 2022. There is no longer a registration requirement for the Lottery Winner 2022 List. Due to its connection to all SIM networking firms, Kaun Banega Crorepati has introduced a novel registration process.

KBC Head Office Numbers

As of 2022, your SIMs are already a part of the KBC Lucky Draw. You only need to call the provided KBC Head Office Numbers, +19134400444, via WhatsApp. If you are the KBC lottery winner for 2022, you must be looking for fake calls. First, you should never trust anyone who contacts you by SMS or strange phone calls and requests money. It is a scam if the caller requests money for income tax or other unforeseen obligations. Second, don’t divulge any private information to the phone lottery caller. You can use the KBC lottery department’s designated hotline number if you receive a call from a fake number.

How to Check KBC Lottery Online on the KBC Official website?

Today, KBC fans may check out the winner’s list on the official website. Winners of the KBC Jackpot reset their error and get the awaiting award. You can get information on KBC Lucky Draw 2022.

When you phone the KBC agent, they will provide you with your most recent KBC Lottery Number. You may also verify that number in the KBC Official database. As a result, contact the KBC Team. In the Kaun Banega Crorepati, you are just a few steps away from being a billionaire.  

So, give the Helpline a call to get your KBC Helpline Number and sign up for the KBC Lucky Draw 2022. Call the KBC Helpline Number immediately to get your lottery number and enter the KBC Lucky Draw 2022.

Using the Official KBC Lottery Online Portal

Not to mention, you can do everything on the official KBC website, including viewing the list of winners and finding out who won the Lucky Draw. Call the official channels to confirm your identification if you see your name there, then wait for further instructions.


If you haven’t registered yet, do so right now. In real-time, during a KBC concert or in advance via the SonyLiv app, you can send an SMS. You get closer to winning the lottery and walking away with hundreds or millions of dollars with each accurate response.


About KBC Lottery Number

What’s the best way to check if my KBC Lottery Number is still active in 2022?

You can verify your KBC Lottery Number in two distinct ways. We will share these two techniques to give you insight into today’s KBC online lottery list. The first approach involves sending a message to the KBC Head Office’s WhatsApp number,+19134400444. Send a text message to the number +19134400444 with the phrases “KBC Lottery Number Check” and “Registered Mobile Number.” The computer will cross-reference your data with the database and send your KBC Lottery Number as a text message to your mobile device.


The second method is Calling The Head Office Whatsapp Number and choosing the KBC Lottery Number option. When you hear the beep, check the box. When you’re finished, input your registered phone number before pressing. After a brief delay, your KBC Lottery Number of KBCwill appear on the screen.


When you want help, dial +19134400444 to talk with the KBC Lottery Customer Care Manager, or you can also send a message by using WhatsApp by dialling this number. You can follow his instructions to find out how to check your lotto number.


The KBC lottery’s winning number is 2022.

Please read this message if you are a KBC user and receive a call concerning KBC. Let’s also assume we mentioned it in the KBC Lucky Winners and the KBC 25 Lakhs Lottery Winners. Alternatively, if you have requested to visit the winner’s homepage or if you are a member of the KBC. You have been duped if you visit a website and subsequently get a call from an unknown number.


If so, call +19134400444 to contact the KBC headquarters. You need to call the KBC headquarters and confirm if you receive a call purporting to be from the KBC, but it turns out to be a scam or fraud.


So, by joining our platform, protect yourself from these con artists. We granted them a license for the KBC Lottery Winners 2022 because we trusted them. By taking part in KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Winner 2022, our consumers have the chance to win the Jio KBC Lottery 2022 list.


Participation In KBC 

You may also celebrate your participation in KBC, such as the Jio KBC, which gave away 25 lakh prizes. If you want to sign up for the KBC Jio Lucky Draw and are also interested in winning the KBC 2022 lottery, call +19134400444.


False Message from Rana Pratap Singh Regarding 25 Lakh Cash Prizes for the KBC Lottery Winner 2022

Receive a phone call from Mr Rana Pratap Singh, MD, Vijay Kumar, or another fictitious official to tell you that you have won 25 lakh cash prizes. You will first check to see if the SMS is genuine or fraudulent. Contact the KBC Department with questions regarding this WhatsApp SMS information. If you ever get a phone call, WhatsApp, or IMO message, call our corporate headquarters to double-check the message’s authenticity.


Some unfamiliar callers sent the KBC Lottery SMS on WhatsApp/Imo and presented themselves as MD Rana Pratap Singh SBI Bank Manager or KBC Lottery Manager KBC Officer. However, we show the original KBC head office Whatsapp number on the KBC official website.


What is it in 2022 to check your KBC lottery number online?

The great majority of users on the internet are seeking information on the KBC Check lottery 2022. The people using SIM qualify for KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022. The lucky winners received SMS notifications that their KBC Lottery Number had been selected as KBC JIO lottery winners on WhatsApp and their Sim Card. But KBC developed a website called KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2022 to ensure the data was accurate. You may monitor your outcome KBC live on this website. You must enter Your registered cellphone number and KBC Lottery Number on this form.


What KBC Lottery Numbers Have the Best Chance of Winning?

The Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery 2022 began in 2015. At the start of this KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022 event, just one lakh (or 100,000) Indian rupees were up for grabs. However, the amount you can win has risen to 25 million Indian rupees due to the game’s growing popularity. Every month on the tenth, twenty-first, and thirty-first, there will be a fortunate draw for this tournament.


Based on statistics gathered over seven years, the KBC Lottery Numbers 8991, 89917, 89910, 0150, and 0077 have been named the most prosperous lottery numbers. According to seven-year surveys, the KBC lottery number check online 0150 is expected to be a very lucrative lottery number in 2022. The most lucrative lottery number in 2022 was 8991 from the KBC Lottery Number Check.


The KBC Lottery Number Check’s winning number in the lottery conducted in 2020 was 0077. The most successful Jio lottery Winners’ numbers are regularly selected.


How can you find the fake call for the KBC Lottery in 2022?

Be careful: Whether you obtain a KBC Lottery number such as 8991, 89915, 89914, 89910, 89919, 0150, 89917, 0044, 1122, 0150, you should check to see if it is accurate. Alert From KBC Lottery Fraud Calls: Pakistani country codes 00923* and +923**. Please refrain from providing these callers with your personal information. The KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition Winners 2022 and the KBC Lottery Winners 2022 are being defrauded by these Pakistani country code numbers.


Please call the KBC Head Office Numbers if you received a KBC Head Office WhatsApp call about the KBC 25 Lakh Lottery or KBC 35 Lakh Lottery Winner.


Card Lucky Draw Competition 2022


Suppose you’re considering participating in the card lucky draw competition 2022. In that case, you need to be aware of a few key facts. Remember that without your lottery number, you cannot participate in the game. You may check if you’ve won or not using KBC’s online system. It also needs your lottery numbers and cellphone numbers to authenticate your details. If you’re thinking about participating in the KBC Lottery 2022, you need to be aware of a few key facts.


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a British game show inspired by the Indian game show KBC Lottery 2022. Star Plus first organized the KBC lottery. From 2000 to 2007, Star Plus broadcasted the show’s first three seasons.


How do I get in touch with the KBC team in 2022?

You can contact the KBC Team through the KBC Contact Number in a straightforward manner. We offer easy dialling instructions so they can get in touch with the KBC team.


To call the KBC office contact number, follow these steps:

  • Then, dial your exit number after dialling 001, +1, or +1.
  • Next, enter the India country code, which is 91.
  • After that, dial your area code (3-4 digits ) – you can check out a sample phone number list here).
  • Save the KBC office number to your contacts to call using WhatsApp. After that, KBC Office WhatsApp can be seen in your WhatsApp Contacts list.
  • Finally, the phone number (5-6 numbers) (5-6 digits).


Make prudent and knowledgeable decisions while deciding the name of KBC’s headquarters. Make sensible selections by phoning the principal office of KBC WhatsApp. Most Americans are familiar with the Indian television program Kaun Banega, often known as Banega. Since the beginning, the program has enormously affected people’s lives.


Jio KBC Lottery Number Check 2022


In addition, KBC lotteries allow people to experience luxury by winning significant sums of money. Therefore, get in touch with KBC’s main office right away using the Kolkata WhatsApp number. However, none of these achievements would be achievable without the WhatsApp number for the JIO KBC Lottery Number Check 2022. In addition to statistics, you may contact KBC via WhatsApp at +19134400444 for the Mumbai headquarters.


Our main office provides excellent phone numbers for helplines, calls, and other KBC-related operations. Until validated, any number that isn’t our KBC WhatsApp number should be treated as fake. Read more about the KBC 2022 winner.


How to Join Jio 25 Lakh Lottery 2021?

Participating in Jio KBC 25 Lakh Lottery is easier. You need to contact the following numbers; Kbc head office WhatsApp number Mumbai +19134400444 and KBC Helpline Number +19134400444. Furthermore, when you call the number mentioned earlier, one of KBC’s official representatives will listen to you and tell you how to get registered for KBC 25 Lakh Lottery Jio.

While registered with the official KBC lottery program, one may receive fake calls from unknown numbers. So, it’s highly advised that you ignore all calls from unknown numbers, as they do nothing but steal your private info. Moreover, They will ask you to send funds to their address so they can proceed with your Jio KBC lottery registration process. They will pretend to be genuine people working at the KBC show.

Kaun Banega Crorepati 25 Lakh Lottery

As already discussed, the KBC lottery is a prize scheme organized by Kaun Banega Crorepati. In this very popular Indian game show, participants ask a series of questions to win more. Secondly, the more questions they answer, the higher they win. Anyone with an Indian SIM number can participate in the show. Thirdly, the show’s management team chooses the participants through a draw. 

How to Tell If You’ve Received Fake Call Regarding Jio KBC 25 Lakh Lottery?

One can easily detect fake calls. Scammers will always avoid answering questions about their identity. Also, they will make statements that will be too good to be true. If the calls you’ve received aren’t from KBC head office number, don’t take them seriously, as they are nothing but a scam. So, it’s highly advised that you contact the numbers mentioned earlier whenever you need to inquire about Jio KBC 25 Lakh Lottery.

KBC Jio Lottery Winner Names List 2021

Here is the KBC winner list

Mr Abhinav Prakash – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 03 June 2021

Mr Reyansh Kumar– Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 03 June 2021

Miss Akriti Sharma – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 03 June 2021

Mr Bikram Suba – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 03 June 2021

Miss Sameeksha Jaiswal – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 03 June 2021

Mr Aakarshan Mantra – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 03 June 2021

Miss Prisah Singh – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 03 June 2021

Our Winners

KBC Lucky Draw 2021 Winners List



Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 900*****996


Mr. Raunak Singh

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 881*****736


Miss Anushka

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 881*****125


Mr. Aadiv

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 970*****943


Mr. Ishank Kumar

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 970*****237


Miss Pahal

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 970*****489



Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 752****413



Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 832****931



Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 958****428


Sapna Mandal

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 853****742



Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 681****791

Pooja Patel

Pooja Patel

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 729****961

Sonia Kumari

Sonia Kumri

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 953****651

Priya Chopra

Priya chopra

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 962****197

Vijay Kumar

Ram Manish

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 782****862

Harjeet Singh

Harjeet Singh

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 791****849

Vicky Sharma

Viky Sharma

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 695****736

Pappu Kumar

Pappu Kumar

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 927****928

Jai Prakash

Jai Parkash

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 791****849



Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 804****884

Ram Manish

Ram Manish

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 794****961


Uday Singh

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 928****251

Raju Bhai

Raju Bhai

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 829****881


Uday Singh

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 928****251

Sonu Kumar

Sonu Kumar

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 628****172

Ganesh Singh

Ganesh Singh

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Phone Number #: 979****135

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