Jio lottery list

KBC jio lottery number list – Jio lottery list is a very popular lottery scheme in Indian, which is run and held by India’s most reputed telecommunication company Jio. Firstly, The aim behind organizing this Jio lottery list is to provide people with a change to win big and live their dreams. Getting registered for the lottery list is very simple and easy. Secondly, All you need is to recharge your Indian SIM card and you’re done. There isn’t any vigorous process you need to go through. The lottery list is held twice a month. Moreover, keep recharging your SIM cards to increase your chances of winning up to 25 lakhs, which is a huge amount to most Indians.


Kbc jio lottery number list

Surprisingly, Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Kbc jio lottery number list is an Indian Telecommunications company operated by Joi Platform.


KBC Jio Lottery

Kaun Benega Cororepati is a very popular Indian game show where people are invited to answer a series of questions to win huge cash prizes from Kbc jio lottery number list. Furthermore, The management of both Jio Telecommunications and KBC show back KBC Jio Lottery, as both want to serve the downtrodden segment of the society. Secondly, This lottery program has been around for quite a long time, the number of people registering for it is growing by the minute.

Jio lottery list

Jio lottery winning numbers

 Mr. Abhinav Prakash – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs –2020
 Mr. Reyansh Kumar– Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 2020
 Miss Akriti Sharma – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 2020
 Mr. Bikram Suba – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 2020
 Miss Sameeksha Jaiswal – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 2020
 Mr. Aakarshan Mantra – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 2020
 Miss Prisah Singh – Winning Prize 25 Lakhs – 2020


How to Enroll for Jio lottery winning numbers?

Joining Jio lottery winning numbers is a very easy and simple. Lastly, People who wish to participate for the Jio lottery winning numbers program should first contract the official team who is responsible for held this lottery.

So, it’s highly advised that you ignore all such calls made from unknown numbers about Kbc jio lottery winner. They will also ask you to send funds to their address to proceed with your Kbc jio lottery winner process. Lastly, They will pretend as if they are genuine people working.